martedì 13 gennaio 2009

KIL001 - Vanny Zero - Love Is A Serial Killer

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Sortino, IT
TRACKLIST: Love Is A Serial Killer/She Said I'm A Nazi/You Got A Song/Another Blues For You/Gimme Gimme Some Hope/Overdose Of You/I Don't Wanna Go Home/Danny's Got The Blues/Killin' Myself Today/Go On By Yourself/Lucifer Blues/No Tomorrow
"Love is a serial killer" is the first album by the outsider musician Vanny Zero. An outrageous, powerful mix of blues, rock'n'roll, garage and punk'n'roll, with very dirty and loud lo-fi sound. The album, entirely recorded at home, using only a fuzzy distorted acoustic guitar and a pen to record the percussions, shows Zero's greatest influences: The Sonics, Ramones, The Cramps, The Mummies, Velvet Underground, Muddy Waters, Daniel Johnston, New York Dolls, Oblivians, Supercharger and so on... Distorted noises, creepy reverb, screamin' solos, tuneless guitars and a great "fuck you all" attitude, make this album an explosion of pure rock'n'roll. Originally available for free download only on Vanny's official Myspace and on, it is now the first release of Kill Mommy Records!

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