lunedì 7 novembre 2011

KIL035 - Electric Hambone - Downturn Boogie

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London, UK
TRACKLIST: Move Me/Been Riding/Cell Phone Shake/Sat Night Special/GT Mutha/Country Fish/Bummed/Elastic Band/Nascar/Painted Heron/Aqua Jane
A brand new rock'n'roll record is exactly what we all need to rock these rainy and boring autumn days, ain't it, folks? Get ready to shake your asses, then, 'cause this album is a real rock'n'roll assault, and you know what we mean. London sounds like Memphis, in these eleven tracks of great, amazingly old fashioned rockabilly and dirty, fuzzy garage rock, put together for what has become the beginning of our collaboration with Paul Worsley and Steve Partridge, AKA Electric Hambone. A collaboration which could not begin a better way, 'cause "Downturn Boogie" is going to make you wanna rip your clothes and dance all night long!

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