lunedì 5 dicembre 2011

KIL037 - Five Star Debauchery - The Changing Of Bulbs

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Slade, US
TRACKLIST: Probable Liar/Smoke & Mirrors/Before All This Is Done/Not Dead Yet/Find Some Peace/Vomit/November/The Worst Day Of My Life/By Your Grave/YV/Sentinel Crows/Goodnight
When Josh told us, just a few days after the release of his beautiful self-titled debut album, that he was already workin' on some new material to be released on our label, we just couldn't believe it and, at the same time, we just couldn't wait for it, as his previous release was conquerin' our ears and hearts, and lots of people were askin' us for more stuff from this talented and brilliant sognwriter, with his sweet and catchy pop-punkish stuff. Well, we were already workin' on the re-release of some of his old recordings, when he sent us what would have become "The Changing Of Bulbs", his second official album and his second work on Kill Mommy Records. There's a more acoustic feeling and a folk attitude than on the previous work, but you will immediately recognize the style. A very inspired (and, why not, inspiring, too) album from a very inspired and damn prolific songwriter. You gotta love it, and stay tuned.. 'cause this guy never stops.

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