domenica 24 gennaio 2010

KIL012 - Cafè Bakunin - Robo-Sapiens

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Sortino, IT
TRACKLIST: Robo-Sapiens/Do The Gulch
Debut single for the anarchist, avant-garde ensemble Cafè Bakunin. Fathers of what they call "imperfectionism", they refuse "pop" concepts like "band" and "song". Two tracks only, for twenty minutes of pure improvisation, with no rules and no limits at all. Recorded live in one take, using the mike of a handyphone, this single is a mix of several styles: psychedelia, free-jazz, blues, acid rock, funk and more. Having lots of fun destroying all the limits created by pop music, this is what Marco Guarrera (guitar), Vanny Zero (bass), Pietro Nicotra (keyboards) and Luigi Vinci (drums) really want. Two suites of pure instinct, with no professional shit and no commercial ambitions, with a pure lo-fi and DIY sound and aesthetic. This ain't a band, this is a concept. And that's definitely not for anyone... Ladies and gentlemen, Cafè Bakunin! Enjoy...

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