martedì 15 febbraio 2011

KIL029 - Jon E. Erkkilä - Be True To Yr Crew

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Flemington, US
TRACKLIST: You Don't Wanna Grow Up To Be Like Me/Low Batteries/A Pair Of Brown Eyes/Eye Candy/City Living/John Jameson Blues/Cripple Creek/Back On The Farm
We told you that Flemington, NJ, still had something to say, when we released the Flemington Folk Family ep (also known as the "Rough History Split"). Well, now here we are, introducing you to Jon's debut solo release, finally on Kill Mommy Records, for your pleasure. Proud member of what we can dare to call the Flemington folk scene, mister Erkkilä has put together eight brilliant tunes full of tradition, class and beautiful, damn beautiful rawness. Just like a lonely hobo, who's been travelling through old lands and forgotten roads, Jon's here to tell us his own stories, only helped by his guitar (and his banjo, too, of course!). Listening to this record will be just like attending to a solo show on the corner of the street, 'cause these songs have exactly that right feeling and, of course, the same powerful sound. Thank you Flemington, thank you so much. Once again.

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