martedì 19 ottobre 2010

KIL023 - Thedirtycoast - Thedirtycoast

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New York City, US
TRACKLIST: Deep Sea/Its A Raid/Secret Twist/Guanxi/Believe In Yourself/Animal Hits/The Craze/The Gloom/No Turnin' Back/Funeral
Ladies and gentlemen, Kill Mommy Records lands in New York City, accompanied by the new entry Chris Weary, AKA Thedirtycoast, an eclectic, talented and so fuckin' good songwriter from Brooklyn. The record you are going to download and enjoy is one of the finest alternative rock products on the web, and you know you can believe what we say! The album is something like a collage of different intuitions and ideas, put together to give the listener a complete sense of satisfaction. The psychedelic mood of instrumental tracks such as "Guanxi", "The Craze", the gorgeous "The Gloom" (which may suggest Tuxedomoon) or the opening "Deep Sea", connects the sung ones each other, giving this record continuity and harmony. The result is what we can call a soundtrack, a beautiful, homemade soundtrack. It's not accidental the fact that most of the songs on the album are accompanied by videos, realized by Chris himself and linked in the credits. Well, we got good music, videos and attitude... what else? Check it out and share it, folks, you know you'll love it!

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