lunedì 22 agosto 2011

KIL034 - Five Star Debauchery - Five Star Debauchery

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Indie/Pop Rock
Slade, US
TRACKLIST: Abandoned Hospital/Sign Of Life/The Dead Don't Care/Siren/Awesome Drive/Couch Coushions/Bonsai Dale/Tourist Town/Fly A Kite/Puke Tomorrow Away/Bottle Caps/Mayor Of Slade/Shit Storm/Bury Me/Family Tree/Bender/A Lonely Chorus/Asylum Girl/The Egg Anew/One Last Kiss For The Kill
Summer holidays are over, pals, and Kill Mommy Records is back at work, ready to make your comeback a little less bitter, with some great brand new music for your ears. This time we are going to introduce you to Joshua Taylor, AKA Five Star Debauchery, our latest artist, from Kentucky, whose self-titled debut album is going to be your perfect soundtrack for these end-summer days, with its twenty amazing tracks of pure melody and talent. Pop influences, lo-fi attitude and punk rock feeling, for a beautiful, damn catchy record! Check it out!

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