martedì 13 gennaio 2009

KIL002 - Nowhere Boy Simon - A Gun To My Head Forces Me To Love You

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Siracusa, IT
TRACKLIST: Let Me Think Of You/Killin' Myself On You (part 1)/Fuckin' Myself/Obsession Blues/Killin' Myself On You (part 2)
Debut solo EP for the former singer of the punk rock band WTF?! Five tracks of excellent, dirty, screaming, broken-hearted, lo-fi blues from one of the revelations of Kill Mommy Records! Recorded in a few days, this EP is full of songs which are gonna keep playin' in your brain for days... Dirty acoustic guitar, powerful vocals (somewhere between Charley Patton and Howlin' Wolf) and some percussions made beatin' on the guitar! This is so rock'n'roll! Check it out and let's wait for the album!

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