martedì 20 luglio 2010

KIL019 - Jim Guittard - California Daze

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Pasadena, US
TRACKLIST: Beach/BJM-Like Song/Confusion, Lies, Guns & Drugs/Can't Be Down That Very Long/3 Of Clubs/Swing Tune/Jazz Tune/Beach (Acoustic)/Woke Up This Morning/Jazz Tune With Drum Machine
Our family is growing up so fast, people! Here is our new friend Jim Guittard, directly from California, and this is his debut record on the label. Originally recorded and released in 2002, "California Daze" is now available on our catalogue, featuring two previously unreleased bonus tracks for your ravenous, lo-fi addicted ears. While waiting for some new stuff, this is definitely the first step to know Jim's music, being it the artist's favourite one! The different styles and sounds make this record a complete review of all the songwriter's influences: from folk to psychaedelia, from traditional rock to swing and jazz, and so on, in a kaleidoscope of good homemade music and independent attitude! Don't you miss it, folks... press play, enjoy the music and say welcome to mr. Jim Guittard!


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