lunedì 31 gennaio 2011

KIL027 - Mumble Mumble Mumble - Mumble Mumble Mumble

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Torino, IT
TRACKLIST: P2/[]/P3/P1/P4/A1/T1/A2
Second part of today's double release, right after the relaxing and psychedelic atmospheres of the previous record, is this debut mini-album, by one of the most brilliant acts in the Italian underground scene. You won't believe that two guys only can make all this noise until you press play. Bass, drums and... nothing else! The distorted sound of Mumble Mumble Mumble will hit your heart and make your head explode like a balloon full of water. These two folks really know what they want and what they are doin'; they play like they were the same person, and everything sounds perfect. A heavy, violent and dangerous intrumental hard rock attack. Pure homemade energy!

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