giovedì 7 gennaio 2010

KIL011 - The Big Wireman - Don't Play With Me

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Les Mans, FR
TRACKLIST: Like A Monster/Jungle World/Tonight/Mr. Nobody/Not Your Shadow/Killer Of Love/Fuckin' Band/Demolition Man/God Damned Hippies/Chupacabra/Motortown
Happy new year, folks! Guess who's back!!! We all know the best way to begin a new year is always in the name of rock'n'roll. Well, the Wireman is here for this, and he's going to infect your mind with some savage rock'n'roll... again! This time we have an entire album in our hands, full of more fuckin' homemade rock'n'roll fury, in pure Wireman style . Are you ready for this? The most prolific artist on Kill Mommy is here to celebrate a rockin' 2010 with you, rock'n'roll maniacs. Shake your asses and dance, the Big Wireman is back!


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