lunedì 4 aprile 2011

KIL031 - The Brazierlights In The Window - All I Need...

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Dream Pop/Shoegaze
Hovedstaden, DK
TRACKLIST: ...Is You/...Is To Drink A Beer/...Is Love/...Is Friends Who Are Genious (Pt. 1)/...Is Friends Who Are Genious (Pts. 2 & 3)/...Is Heavy Metal/...Is To Get Away/...Is Juliet/...Is Madonna/...Is Good Advice/...Is Unknown/...Is Nothing
Proudly part of the new Danish noise-pop and shoegaze scene, the Brazierlights In The Window are back on our label with this brand new work, a remastered version of their album "All I Need...", including a new artwork and a bonus track. Perry and Anton are finally back, on our label, after the amazing ep Spring Release, to show us more of their noisy talent and psychedelic vein, with this awesome concept album. Electronic influences meet the noise/dream-pop style, making their sound more complex and elaborate, sometimes in an experimental way, sometimes in a more traditional pop way. You are going to love these two guys, folks... all you need is to download it, pump up the volume and enjoy it again and again.

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