martedì 5 ottobre 2010

KIL022 - Plakonik Projekt - Luv & Hate

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New Wave/Pop
Le Mans, FR
TRACKLIST: Opium/Partenaire/Sheena Is A Punk Rocker/Luv & Hate/Revolution Twist
Great news from the French motor city: our dear old friend Nico Dupuis is back, and confirms himself as the most prolific artist on our label, but this time he won't be the Big Wireman. The Plakonik Projekt, a duo he formed years ago together with his wife, is an excellent example of homemade new wave music, and it proves, one more time, our friend's musical talent and artistic eclecticism. The beautiful voice of mrs Dupuis perfectly fits with the awesome work Nico did on the arrangements, and the result is a little pop-rock masterpiece, a record full of sensuality and melody. The sound is sometimes soft and fine, sometimes rockin' and powerful, but always epic and irresistible, and the male/female vocals make the songs someway complete. Three originals and two covers ("Opium" and the Ramones' classic "Sheena Is Punk Rocker", remembering us the Wireman's roots) for a record which may be classified in many ways, but must be in any case recognized as a grrrrrreat debut. Check it out and stay tuned for more news from the Wireman family!

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