lunedì 6 settembre 2010

KIL020 - Ana Threat - Tug Of War Of Love

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Vienna, AT
TRACKLIST: Hurtin' Kind/Night Of The Sadist/R-N-R Jungle Girl/Ya Ha Ba Be/Gotta Be A Reason
Ladies and gentlemen, let's dance some sick, dirty and definitely lo-fi old school dance! Ana Threat, from Vienna, will take you on a voodoo trip through the most obscure side of the rock'n'roll jungle, where hypnotic and exotic dances will capture your body and let it move, and move, and move. If you love the Cramps, you will appreciate this record for sure: the cover art couldn't be more appropriate to introduce you to the noisy and irresistible content of this amazing lo-fi ep. Track after track, these five voodoo rock'n'roll dances show Ana's love for the sixties and for the sinister sound of garage rock, so... what are you waitin' for? Come and join the tribe!

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