venerdì 18 dicembre 2009

KIL010 - Ryan Patrick - Subsidized Living

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Perth, CAN
TRACKLIST: Need For Sleep/They Picked My Pocket/A Man Without Friends/I'd Eat Fried Chicken/I'm A Schizo/(You Put) My Life On The Line/It's Crazy Being Crazy/People Getting Restless/The Imaginary Millionaire/Pretty Girls/Don't Leave Me Home Alone/Crying Man/This Is Why I Got The Blues
Raw acoustic lo-fi blues from Canada, in two words... cool stuff! Ryan Patrick's debut on Kill Mommy Records is a mix of anger, noise, madness and screaming guitars, for your ears' pleasure. What this guy does should be an inspiration for lots of people out there: just pick your guitar, find a mike, turn on your pc and scream it the fuck out! This album will let you sing and scream the words of Ryan Patrick, a real bluesman in a fake world! "I'm A Schizo", "They Picked My Pocket", "It's Crazy Being Crazy" are great blues anthems; they will take you to the Delta, with the sound of the old blues and the heart of a punk rocker. Don't miss it, you want it!


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