domenica 20 marzo 2011

KIL030 - White Floor Circus - White Floor Circus

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Indie/New Wave
Siracusa, IT
TRACKLIST: Intro-The Clown Against The Crowd/Contortionist Distortionist/Estatik Breakdown
Put two guys in a room, with a recorder, a drum machine and a few instruments, and see what happens. Vincenzo Orsini and Daniele Marturano, both from the Siracusa musical scene, must have had a real good time, recordin' these three long, totally improvised, instrumental lo-fi suites, and it is pretty clear. Lo-fi, as we all know, is a matter of attitude, and these two crazy guys got it for sure! The result of this free-form jam session is a dirty, weird, distorted, acid and fuckin' honest debut album; no compromises, no edits, no rules, no limits, just music. Let's get lost in this labyrinth of madness and musical anarchy, let's enjoy the circus!

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