sabato 20 giugno 2009

KIL006 - With Bubble In The Jungle - Saundtrak For Love

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Siracusa, IT
TRACKLIST: Electrofan/Del Rovo/Breakingblues/Hardrokin'/Come Servire Un Piatto Freddo/Arancio
During the day, he is Alberto Minnella, talented drummer for Posh, great band from the local rock scene, with an album coming soon on Gbmusic. But, when the night falls, his darkest side comes out and he becomes With Bubble In The Jungle, a mysterious music composer who mixes all his influences to realize soundtracks (or "saundtrak", as they say on his planet) for the everyday life. Each song has a different approach, a different style, a different sound... but all together, they are one. A great work which was about to be forgotten somewhere in Alberto's bedroom. Well, we couldn't let him do that, then, ladies and gentlemen... close your eyes and enjoy the movie... YOUR movie!

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