lunedì 19 aprile 2010

KIL017 - Quint Baker - Psychic Cat'z Golden Fleece

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TRACKLIST: Touch Play On The Tape Recorder/Hand/Tree Auras/Moth Man/The Girl In The Wind/Really Hot Girl/Crying For Your Young Days/Blossom Tree
Cool crazy music for crazy people, from somewhere down in New Zealand. Here is our new friend Quint Baker, a real lo-fi prophet, a prolific artist who knows what he wants. And this album is an example of what Quint Baker wants: a mix of melodies, vintage sounding drum machines, electronic noises, psychedelic experiments, and a sincere, visceral love for dear, old low fidelity philosophy and attitude. Our man has taken what people usually call "pop" and has been working on it with his crazy experiments, to find his incredible homemade sound. This lo-fi doctor Frankenstein doesn't make music for masses, he plays with instruments just like a kid plays with toys. This record is full of inspiration and originality, with a psychedelic vein which makes it a perfect soundtrack for a drinkin' night... So come on, folks, let's play with Quint Baker!


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