lunedì 30 maggio 2011

KIL032 - The Big Wireman - Lonely Hat

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Le Mans, FR
TRACKLIST: The Lonely Guy/My Reverb/Stupid Song/OMB/Rock'n'Roll Party/Hey You/The Bats/Luv It/Good Woman/No Church/Take Me Back
Well, well, well, here we go again! The Wireman is back and ready to rock your heart and bones with eleven dirty brand new tunes, recorded and put together to give us all the sequel to the ass-shakin' debut album Don't Play With Me, released on our label more than one year ago and soon become a hit on the web. If you were waiting, just like we were, for more bad and noisy rock'n'roll, by one of the best one-man-bands out there, well, this record is going to quench your thirst, dear folks, 'cause Lonely Hat is fuckin' Big Wireman style, and you really couldn't help moving and dancing to the fuzzy sound of the french motor city! What else can we say? Hats off to the Wireman!

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