lunedì 20 settembre 2010

KIL021 - My Pal Dragon - Radicalico

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Bloomington, US
TRACKLIST: Samuel, Chris & Jessica/Boring Home Towns/The Brightest Side/Circa 2001/You Killed Make Believe
Finally on Kill Mommy Records, the brand new ep by My Pal Dragon, young and brilliant songwriter from Bloomington, Indiana. Sometimes melancholic, sometimes lighthearted, "Radicalico" is gonna give you twelve amazing minutes of great music, showing you all how an acoustic guitar can make everything better. Five tracks only, five perfect melodies you will whistle and hum all day long, 'cause it's just impossible to forget this record's impact. Being it a perfect mix of pop brilliance, folk feeling and lo-fi attitude, "Radicalico" is not only a very good record, but also a real lesson to each one of you who'd like to express himself/herself with music. Hoping to have a new MPD's record (an album?) as soon as possible, enjoy this one, and clap your hands to our (and, of course, your) new pal.

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