martedì 17 marzo 2009

KIL003 - The Last Merendina - First Soldino

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Solarino, IT
TRACKLIST: Settembre/To C From C2/My Fucking Hero/I'm A Violent/Space Shuttle III/Kill Your Bonsai/Pepita Monita/Gudbai
Finally on Kill Mommy Records (in collaboration with Barbie Noja Records) one of the most important underground artists from the Siracusa musical scene. Lorenzo Urciullo, dj and songwriter for Tempestine and Albanopower (with an album coming soon on 42 Records), has been working for years to this solo project, recording a few songs with his computer, at home, in his freetime. His influences are several, but his work is always brilliant and absolutely original. You will love it! Pop melodies and lo-fi sounds, dreamy atmospheres and indie attitude! Ladies and gentlemen, in collaboration with Barbie Noja Records, we are proud to introduce you to The Last Merendina!

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