lunedì 29 marzo 2010

KIL016 - Vaqueros Paganos - MonoCovers

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Buenos Aires, AR
TRACKLIST: Something Stupid/No Hay Sangre En Los Huesos/Brother/I Wanna Make It Witchu/Jackson
Recorded with one microphone, in one hour, "Monocovers" is a collection of excellent covers, realized at home by our new act Vaqueros Paganos, from Buenos Aires. The lo-fi sound, acoustic attitude and folk style are embellished by the irresistible contrast between the beautiful male and female vocals (the choice of classic duets as "Something Stupid" and "Jackson" was not casual). Minimal arrangements, which let vocals stand out, and homemade atmosphere may be a precept for all the musicians out there and for all our followers, then learn by Vaqueros Paganos: take a mike, a guitar and just play it loud. Album with original songs coming soon, then stay tuned!


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