martedì 15 febbraio 2011

KIL028 - Gone Fishing - Blow Horn

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Bologna, IT
TRACKLIST: Girlie/When I Get Back/Blow Horn, Good Brakes, Good Luck/Morning Of A Brand New Day
When the DIY attitude meets the melodies and the mood of a fine pop songwriter, this is what comes out, a bunch of songs simply close to perfection. Son of the classic pop rock tradition, Gianluca AKA Gone Fishing, from Bologna, shows all his talent and his musical sensibility on this debut ep and, let us say, what a way to begin! Once you press play you'll never want him to stop singin' and playin', once you put your ears on this amazing stuff you'll never want it to end. Both the soft vocal style, which may sometimes suggest some Belle And Sebastian, and the fine arrangements, with every single instrument and sound in its right place, make this little record something to remember. If this is the beginning, well, we can only imagine what Gone Fishing is putting together for his next work. Enjoy it and spread the word, folks: there's some talent, out there!

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