lunedì 22 novembre 2010

KIL024 - Jon E. Erkkilä, Thérèse de Genova & Dead Bugs - Flemington Folk Family

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Flemington, US
TRACKLIST: John Hardy/Sweet William/Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues/He Brings Out The Whiskey In Me/This Diamond Ring/Crying
Flemington, NJ. That's the place where it all began. Living in a small town with less than 5000 inhabitants may be boring, of course, but everything changes when you have a guitar and know how to use it... so here we are, proud to introduce you to this new, precious lo-fi record, featuring our dear, old mate Dead Bugs and his friends Jon E. Erkkilä (whose debut record will be out real soon on our label) and Thérèse de Genova. Three folk songwriters, six lo-fi covers of folk classics, one town... one family, the Flemington Folk Family, of course. Enjoy it and stay tuned, folks, 'cause Flemington still has so many things to say!

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