lunedì 19 dicembre 2011

KIL038 - The Sbirros - Hits From The Crypt

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Punk Rock
Torre Del Greco, IT
TRACKLIST: Fashion Party Punk/I Married A Monster From Outer Space/Teenage Vampire/The Toxic Avenger/F.B.I. (What Do You Hide?)/Funny Girl/I Luv Ronald McDonald/Much More TV/I Was A Teenage Mutant Rocker/Doctor Zombie (Goes To Mexico)/Sheena Is A Punk Rocker (By Now)
Years after their final break-up and the inauguration of their new band Female Troubles, here is the first long-playing release from one of the craziest Italian punk rock bands ever: The Sbirros! Raised with Misfits, Ramones, B-movies and tons of rock'n'roll, Sheena, Mass, Nitro and Igor Mortis released a few demos and singles before the end of their brief adventure (one of these records, the legendary 45 split with Anna & The Psychomen, was sponsored by Lloyd Kaufman, founder and president of the legendary independent film production and distribution company Troma Entertainment). We have just put all these tracks together, added two previously unreleased ones and packed this amazing anthology, which is going to become a must-have for all of you rock'n'roll junkies out there! Enjoy these immortal tunes and spread the word: The Sbirros may be dead.. but they still kick ass!

Special thanx to Gianluca "Hox Vox" Missero for the cover art.

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