lunedì 21 novembre 2011

KIL036 - Jon E. Erkkilä - Every Man Needs A Mexican Mistress

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Flemington, US
TRACKLIST: Cock O' The North/Troubles/Usually/No Religion/What You Are/Every Single Day/Losing Sleep/Do-Re-Mi/Rising And Sinking/The Longest Days/All You Need
For those of you who don't know him yet, here is our old friend Jon, from New Jersey, and this is the sequel to his debut album Be True To Yr Crew, which gave us the opportunity to be introduced to his amazing musical project. Once again, our man gives us a ride through American musical roots, revisited with originality, talent and a raw, irresistible lo-fi aesthetic. Mostly acoustic and folk-oriented, this second chapter of Jon's musical adventure confirms his influences and defines his own style, made of tradition and, at the same time, new ideas and musical solutions (for example, the trumpet theme of the opening track), with an outsider attitude which makes us proud of having him as a part of our big independent family. "I believe in what I see", sings Jon in "No Religion".. well, check this album out and you'll believe what we say..

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