martedì 16 giugno 2009

KIL005 - Thee Undead Big Blues Shit - Baladas Do Morto-Vivo

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Curitiba, BR
TRACKLIST: Blue Moon Of Kentucky/Mi Corazon Es Muerto Vivo/Vanchaisen Costrovein/Blues Azul Calcinha/Ela Veio De Um Filme B/Trem Para Verita/A Balada Do Morto-Vivo/Whisky Barato/Boom Boom/Jantar Em Berlin/Baby Shit
Another onemanband has just joined our lo-fi family, people. Mr. Undead, from Brazil, also member of the international country/folk duo Lonesome Trippers, has just recorded a bunch of songs we are now proud to give you all, dear fans of the dirty sound of real rock'n'roll. This is ultra-lo-fi stuff, folks, and it rocks. The perfect Undead's mix of folk and garage, with lyrics in portuguese and an irresistible low fidelity sound, creates an unique style which makes this record simply awesome. Previously released in 50 hard copies, "Baladas Do Morto-Vivo", with 9 originals and two covers (Bill Monroe's classic "Blue Moon Of Kentucky" and John Lee Hooker's "Boom Boom"), is now available here for you all. Enjoy the dance of the undeads!

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  1. eheheh, già! piace tanto anche a me, soprattutto Mi Corazon Es Muerto Vivo, che spacca! stay tuned, perchè tra non molto pubblicheremo uno split ep con The Big Wireman e Thee Undead Big Blues Shit! due pezzi a testa! roba che scotta! ;)