martedì 10 gennaio 2012

KIL039 - Thedirtycoast - A Vast Regressive State

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New York City, US
TRACKLIST: In The Cold Air/Cruella/Bird Lives!/Ozone/The Cloud/Neurotic/Voodoo/I Take It Slow/Acidic/The Dirty Can/Synchronize
Here's our way to wish you a happy and rockin' new year, folks, and this 2012 couldn't begin better: "A Vast Regressive State" is the long-awaited comeback of Chris Weary, AKA Thedirtycoast, eclectic and brilliant songwriter from Brooklyn we first met some time ago, when we released his debut album. This sophomore record marks an evident maturation in Thedirtycoast's music, with a more complex sound, an accentuated inclination for psychedelic rock and the use of new instruments (for instance, the saxophone on "Bird Lives!"). The whole record is kinda more homogeneous than the previous one, and it's full of unforgettable, catchy songs, whose arrangement and production make "A Vast Regressive State" the definitive confirmation of an indisputable talent.

lunedì 19 dicembre 2011

KIL038 - The Sbirros - Hits From The Crypt

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Punk Rock
Torre Del Greco, IT
TRACKLIST: Fashion Party Punk/I Married A Monster From Outer Space/Teenage Vampire/The Toxic Avenger/F.B.I. (What Do You Hide?)/Funny Girl/I Luv Ronald McDonald/Much More TV/I Was A Teenage Mutant Rocker/Doctor Zombie (Goes To Mexico)/Sheena Is A Punk Rocker (By Now)
Years after their final break-up and the inauguration of their new band Female Troubles, here is the first long-playing release from one of the craziest Italian punk rock bands ever: The Sbirros! Raised with Misfits, Ramones, B-movies and tons of rock'n'roll, Sheena, Mass, Nitro and Igor Mortis released a few demos and singles before the end of their brief adventure (one of these records, the legendary 45 split with Anna & The Psychomen, was sponsored by Lloyd Kaufman, founder and president of the legendary independent film production and distribution company Troma Entertainment). We have just put all these tracks together, added two previously unreleased ones and packed this amazing anthology, which is going to become a must-have for all of you rock'n'roll junkies out there! Enjoy these immortal tunes and spread the word: The Sbirros may be dead.. but they still kick ass!

Special thanx to Gianluca "Hox Vox" Missero for the cover art.

lunedì 5 dicembre 2011

KIL037 - Five Star Debauchery - The Changing Of Bulbs

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Slade, US
TRACKLIST: Probable Liar/Smoke & Mirrors/Before All This Is Done/Not Dead Yet/Find Some Peace/Vomit/November/The Worst Day Of My Life/By Your Grave/YV/Sentinel Crows/Goodnight
When Josh told us, just a few days after the release of his beautiful self-titled debut album, that he was already workin' on some new material to be released on our label, we just couldn't believe it and, at the same time, we just couldn't wait for it, as his previous release was conquerin' our ears and hearts, and lots of people were askin' us for more stuff from this talented and brilliant sognwriter, with his sweet and catchy pop-punkish stuff. Well, we were already workin' on the re-release of some of his old recordings, when he sent us what would have become "The Changing Of Bulbs", his second official album and his second work on Kill Mommy Records. There's a more acoustic feeling and a folk attitude than on the previous work, but you will immediately recognize the style. A very inspired (and, why not, inspiring, too) album from a very inspired and damn prolific songwriter. You gotta love it, and stay tuned.. 'cause this guy never stops.

lunedì 21 novembre 2011

KIL036 - Jon E. Erkkilä - Every Man Needs A Mexican Mistress

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Flemington, US
TRACKLIST: Cock O' The North/Troubles/Usually/No Religion/What You Are/Every Single Day/Losing Sleep/Do-Re-Mi/Rising And Sinking/The Longest Days/All You Need
For those of you who don't know him yet, here is our old friend Jon, from New Jersey, and this is the sequel to his debut album Be True To Yr Crew, which gave us the opportunity to be introduced to his amazing musical project. Once again, our man gives us a ride through American musical roots, revisited with originality, talent and a raw, irresistible lo-fi aesthetic. Mostly acoustic and folk-oriented, this second chapter of Jon's musical adventure confirms his influences and defines his own style, made of tradition and, at the same time, new ideas and musical solutions (for example, the trumpet theme of the opening track), with an outsider attitude which makes us proud of having him as a part of our big independent family. "I believe in what I see", sings Jon in "No Religion".. well, check this album out and you'll believe what we say..

lunedì 7 novembre 2011

KIL035 - Electric Hambone - Downturn Boogie

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London, UK
TRACKLIST: Move Me/Been Riding/Cell Phone Shake/Sat Night Special/GT Mutha/Country Fish/Bummed/Elastic Band/Nascar/Painted Heron/Aqua Jane
A brand new rock'n'roll record is exactly what we all need to rock these rainy and boring autumn days, ain't it, folks? Get ready to shake your asses, then, 'cause this album is a real rock'n'roll assault, and you know what we mean. London sounds like Memphis, in these eleven tracks of great, amazingly old fashioned rockabilly and dirty, fuzzy garage rock, put together for what has become the beginning of our collaboration with Paul Worsley and Steve Partridge, AKA Electric Hambone. A collaboration which could not begin a better way, 'cause "Downturn Boogie" is going to make you wanna rip your clothes and dance all night long!

lunedì 22 agosto 2011

KIL034 - Five Star Debauchery - Five Star Debauchery

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Indie/Pop Rock
Slade, US
TRACKLIST: Abandoned Hospital/Sign Of Life/The Dead Don't Care/Siren/Awesome Drive/Couch Coushions/Bonsai Dale/Tourist Town/Fly A Kite/Puke Tomorrow Away/Bottle Caps/Mayor Of Slade/Shit Storm/Bury Me/Family Tree/Bender/A Lonely Chorus/Asylum Girl/The Egg Anew/One Last Kiss For The Kill
Summer holidays are over, pals, and Kill Mommy Records is back at work, ready to make your comeback a little less bitter, with some great brand new music for your ears. This time we are going to introduce you to Joshua Taylor, AKA Five Star Debauchery, our latest artist, from Kentucky, whose self-titled debut album is going to be your perfect soundtrack for these end-summer days, with its twenty amazing tracks of pure melody and talent. Pop influences, lo-fi attitude and punk rock feeling, for a beautiful, damn catchy record! Check it out!

lunedì 13 giugno 2011

KIL033 - Mumble Mumble Mumble - Blank

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Torino, IT
Another comeback, today, ladies and gentlemen. Our beloved duo Mumble Mumble Mumble, from Turin, proudly presents (in an international collaboration between Kill Mommy and Brlog Records) the new album, featuring eleven new tracks of pure atmosphere and noise, as a follow up to the previous eponymous mini-album, released just a few months ago. Once again, these two guys have put together a bunch of improvisations, chosen unpronounceable titles and had fun recording them all by themselves, but something has changed, in the musical direction: this record has been conceived in one winter night, and features some vocal effects and some psychedelic/drone mood which makes it quite different from the previous work, but there is only one way for you to discover how fuckin' good it is, and you know what I'm talkin' about! Enjoy and share!

lunedì 30 maggio 2011

KIL032 - The Big Wireman - Lonely Hat

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Le Mans, FR
TRACKLIST: The Lonely Guy/My Reverb/Stupid Song/OMB/Rock'n'Roll Party/Hey You/The Bats/Luv It/Good Woman/No Church/Take Me Back
Well, well, well, here we go again! The Wireman is back and ready to rock your heart and bones with eleven dirty brand new tunes, recorded and put together to give us all the sequel to the ass-shakin' debut album Don't Play With Me, released on our label more than one year ago and soon become a hit on the web. If you were waiting, just like we were, for more bad and noisy rock'n'roll, by one of the best one-man-bands out there, well, this record is going to quench your thirst, dear folks, 'cause Lonely Hat is fuckin' Big Wireman style, and you really couldn't help moving and dancing to the fuzzy sound of the french motor city! What else can we say? Hats off to the Wireman!

lunedì 4 aprile 2011

KIL031 - The Brazierlights In The Window - All I Need...

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Dream Pop/Shoegaze
Hovedstaden, DK
TRACKLIST: ...Is You/...Is To Drink A Beer/...Is Love/...Is Friends Who Are Genious (Pt. 1)/...Is Friends Who Are Genious (Pts. 2 & 3)/...Is Heavy Metal/...Is To Get Away/...Is Juliet/...Is Madonna/...Is Good Advice/...Is Unknown/...Is Nothing
Proudly part of the new Danish noise-pop and shoegaze scene, the Brazierlights In The Window are back on our label with this brand new work, a remastered version of their album "All I Need...", including a new artwork and a bonus track. Perry and Anton are finally back, on our label, after the amazing ep Spring Release, to show us more of their noisy talent and psychedelic vein, with this awesome concept album. Electronic influences meet the noise/dream-pop style, making their sound more complex and elaborate, sometimes in an experimental way, sometimes in a more traditional pop way. You are going to love these two guys, folks... all you need is to download it, pump up the volume and enjoy it again and again.

domenica 20 marzo 2011

KIL030 - White Floor Circus - White Floor Circus

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Indie/New Wave
Siracusa, IT
TRACKLIST: Intro-The Clown Against The Crowd/Contortionist Distortionist/Estatik Breakdown
Put two guys in a room, with a recorder, a drum machine and a few instruments, and see what happens. Vincenzo Orsini and Daniele Marturano, both from the Siracusa musical scene, must have had a real good time, recordin' these three long, totally improvised, instrumental lo-fi suites, and it is pretty clear. Lo-fi, as we all know, is a matter of attitude, and these two crazy guys got it for sure! The result of this free-form jam session is a dirty, weird, distorted, acid and fuckin' honest debut album; no compromises, no edits, no rules, no limits, just music. Let's get lost in this labyrinth of madness and musical anarchy, let's enjoy the circus!

martedì 15 febbraio 2011

KIL029 - Jon E. Erkkilä - Be True To Yr Crew

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Flemington, US
TRACKLIST: You Don't Wanna Grow Up To Be Like Me/Low Batteries/A Pair Of Brown Eyes/Eye Candy/City Living/John Jameson Blues/Cripple Creek/Back On The Farm
We told you that Flemington, NJ, still had something to say, when we released the Flemington Folk Family ep (also known as the "Rough History Split"). Well, now here we are, introducing you to Jon's debut solo release, finally on Kill Mommy Records, for your pleasure. Proud member of what we can dare to call the Flemington folk scene, mister Erkkilä has put together eight brilliant tunes full of tradition, class and beautiful, damn beautiful rawness. Just like a lonely hobo, who's been travelling through old lands and forgotten roads, Jon's here to tell us his own stories, only helped by his guitar (and his banjo, too, of course!). Listening to this record will be just like attending to a solo show on the corner of the street, 'cause these songs have exactly that right feeling and, of course, the same powerful sound. Thank you Flemington, thank you so much. Once again.

KIL028 - Gone Fishing - Blow Horn

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Bologna, IT
TRACKLIST: Girlie/When I Get Back/Blow Horn, Good Brakes, Good Luck/Morning Of A Brand New Day
When the DIY attitude meets the melodies and the mood of a fine pop songwriter, this is what comes out, a bunch of songs simply close to perfection. Son of the classic pop rock tradition, Gianluca AKA Gone Fishing, from Bologna, shows all his talent and his musical sensibility on this debut ep and, let us say, what a way to begin! Once you press play you'll never want him to stop singin' and playin', once you put your ears on this amazing stuff you'll never want it to end. Both the soft vocal style, which may sometimes suggest some Belle And Sebastian, and the fine arrangements, with every single instrument and sound in its right place, make this little record something to remember. If this is the beginning, well, we can only imagine what Gone Fishing is putting together for his next work. Enjoy it and spread the word, folks: there's some talent, out there!

lunedì 31 gennaio 2011

KIL027 - Mumble Mumble Mumble - Mumble Mumble Mumble

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Torino, IT
TRACKLIST: P2/[]/P3/P1/P4/A1/T1/A2
Second part of today's double release, right after the relaxing and psychedelic atmospheres of the previous record, is this debut mini-album, by one of the most brilliant acts in the Italian underground scene. You won't believe that two guys only can make all this noise until you press play. Bass, drums and... nothing else! The distorted sound of Mumble Mumble Mumble will hit your heart and make your head explode like a balloon full of water. These two folks really know what they want and what they are doin'; they play like they were the same person, and everything sounds perfect. A heavy, violent and dangerous intrumental hard rock attack. Pure homemade energy!

KIL026 - Billcarson - Beginning Again

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TRACKLIST: Mexico/Broken Down/Down On The Beach/Bub/Corona/Stock
After the long-awaited compilation which celebrated our first twenty-five releases, now it's time for something new, folks, and this time Kill Mommy will give you not one, but two brand new records, both by two new entries. First part of today's double release is this astonishing instrumental ep by Billcarson, an outsider musician from Ireland, also known for his long-time activity as a member of the collective of independent musicians called Apskaft. In love with ambient music and with electronic atmospheres, this guy is going to hug you with six tracks of pure talent and attitude.

mercoledì 12 gennaio 2011

KIL025 - VV.AA. - Rock Against Mommies vol. I: Attack Of The Space Mommies

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25 tracks compilation featuring: Vanny Zero, Nowhere Boy Simon, The Last Merendina, The Big Wireman, Thee Undead Big Blues Shit, With Bubble In The Jungle, Dead Bugs, Ryan Patrick, Cafè Bakunin, Stereo Moon, The Brazierlights In The Window, Johnny Hoodoo, Vaqueros Paganos, Quint Baker, Jim Guittard, Ana Threat, My Pal Dragon, Plakonik Projekt, Thedirtycoast, Therese De Genova, Jon E. Erkkila, Sbirros, Gone Fishing, Mumble Mumble Mumble, Billcarson.
Well, it's finally time for us to celebrate these first two years of activity and our first 25 releases, folks! This first volume of the Rock Against Mommies series is our way to celebrate our work and to thank you all for following us and supporting us. Not only it includes tunes from our previous releases, but it also features some brand new songs from the upcoming ones, 'cause, believe it or not, this is only the beginning. Enjoy it and share it!
Thank you all, people out there... and stay tuned for more amazing homemade stuff!

Special thanx to J Adams from Wet Ribbons for the cover art!

lunedì 22 novembre 2010

KIL024 - Jon E. Erkkilä, Thérèse de Genova & Dead Bugs - Flemington Folk Family

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Flemington, US
TRACKLIST: John Hardy/Sweet William/Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues/He Brings Out The Whiskey In Me/This Diamond Ring/Crying
Flemington, NJ. That's the place where it all began. Living in a small town with less than 5000 inhabitants may be boring, of course, but everything changes when you have a guitar and know how to use it... so here we are, proud to introduce you to this new, precious lo-fi record, featuring our dear, old mate Dead Bugs and his friends Jon E. Erkkilä (whose debut record will be out real soon on our label) and Thérèse de Genova. Three folk songwriters, six lo-fi covers of folk classics, one town... one family, the Flemington Folk Family, of course. Enjoy it and stay tuned, folks, 'cause Flemington still has so many things to say!

martedì 19 ottobre 2010

KIL023 - Thedirtycoast - Thedirtycoast

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New York City, US
TRACKLIST: Deep Sea/Its A Raid/Secret Twist/Guanxi/Believe In Yourself/Animal Hits/The Craze/The Gloom/No Turnin' Back/Funeral
Ladies and gentlemen, Kill Mommy Records lands in New York City, accompanied by the new entry Chris Weary, AKA Thedirtycoast, an eclectic, talented and so fuckin' good songwriter from Brooklyn. The record you are going to download and enjoy is one of the finest alternative rock products on the web, and you know you can believe what we say! The album is something like a collage of different intuitions and ideas, put together to give the listener a complete sense of satisfaction. The psychedelic mood of instrumental tracks such as "Guanxi", "The Craze", the gorgeous "The Gloom" (which may suggest Tuxedomoon) or the opening "Deep Sea", connects the sung ones each other, giving this record continuity and harmony. The result is what we can call a soundtrack, a beautiful, homemade soundtrack. It's not accidental the fact that most of the songs on the album are accompanied by videos, realized by Chris himself and linked in the credits. Well, we got good music, videos and attitude... what else? Check it out and share it, folks, you know you'll love it!

martedì 5 ottobre 2010

KIL022 - Plakonik Projekt - Luv & Hate

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New Wave/Pop
Le Mans, FR
TRACKLIST: Opium/Partenaire/Sheena Is A Punk Rocker/Luv & Hate/Revolution Twist
Great news from the French motor city: our dear old friend Nico Dupuis is back, and confirms himself as the most prolific artist on our label, but this time he won't be the Big Wireman. The Plakonik Projekt, a duo he formed years ago together with his wife, is an excellent example of homemade new wave music, and it proves, one more time, our friend's musical talent and artistic eclecticism. The beautiful voice of mrs Dupuis perfectly fits with the awesome work Nico did on the arrangements, and the result is a little pop-rock masterpiece, a record full of sensuality and melody. The sound is sometimes soft and fine, sometimes rockin' and powerful, but always epic and irresistible, and the male/female vocals make the songs someway complete. Three originals and two covers ("Opium" and the Ramones' classic "Sheena Is Punk Rocker", remembering us the Wireman's roots) for a record which may be classified in many ways, but must be in any case recognized as a grrrrrreat debut. Check it out and stay tuned for more news from the Wireman family!

lunedì 20 settembre 2010

KIL021 - My Pal Dragon - Radicalico

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Bloomington, US
TRACKLIST: Samuel, Chris & Jessica/Boring Home Towns/The Brightest Side/Circa 2001/You Killed Make Believe
Finally on Kill Mommy Records, the brand new ep by My Pal Dragon, young and brilliant songwriter from Bloomington, Indiana. Sometimes melancholic, sometimes lighthearted, "Radicalico" is gonna give you twelve amazing minutes of great music, showing you all how an acoustic guitar can make everything better. Five tracks only, five perfect melodies you will whistle and hum all day long, 'cause it's just impossible to forget this record's impact. Being it a perfect mix of pop brilliance, folk feeling and lo-fi attitude, "Radicalico" is not only a very good record, but also a real lesson to each one of you who'd like to express himself/herself with music. Hoping to have a new MPD's record (an album?) as soon as possible, enjoy this one, and clap your hands to our (and, of course, your) new pal.

lunedì 6 settembre 2010

KIL020 - Ana Threat - Tug Of War Of Love

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Vienna, AT
TRACKLIST: Hurtin' Kind/Night Of The Sadist/R-N-R Jungle Girl/Ya Ha Ba Be/Gotta Be A Reason
Ladies and gentlemen, let's dance some sick, dirty and definitely lo-fi old school dance! Ana Threat, from Vienna, will take you on a voodoo trip through the most obscure side of the rock'n'roll jungle, where hypnotic and exotic dances will capture your body and let it move, and move, and move. If you love the Cramps, you will appreciate this record for sure: the cover art couldn't be more appropriate to introduce you to the noisy and irresistible content of this amazing lo-fi ep. Track after track, these five voodoo rock'n'roll dances show Ana's love for the sixties and for the sinister sound of garage rock, so... what are you waitin' for? Come and join the tribe!

martedì 20 luglio 2010

KIL019 - Jim Guittard - California Daze

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Pasadena, US
TRACKLIST: Beach/BJM-Like Song/Confusion, Lies, Guns & Drugs/Can't Be Down That Very Long/3 Of Clubs/Swing Tune/Jazz Tune/Beach (Acoustic)/Woke Up This Morning/Jazz Tune With Drum Machine
Our family is growing up so fast, people! Here is our new friend Jim Guittard, directly from California, and this is his debut record on the label. Originally recorded and released in 2002, "California Daze" is now available on our catalogue, featuring two previously unreleased bonus tracks for your ravenous, lo-fi addicted ears. While waiting for some new stuff, this is definitely the first step to know Jim's music, being it the artist's favourite one! The different styles and sounds make this record a complete review of all the songwriter's influences: from folk to psychaedelia, from traditional rock to swing and jazz, and so on, in a kaleidoscope of good homemade music and independent attitude! Don't you miss it, folks... press play, enjoy the music and say welcome to mr. Jim Guittard!


Available for FREE DOWNLOAD also @:

lunedì 5 luglio 2010

KIL018 - Dead Bugs - Swimmers

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Flemington, US
TRACKLIST: Born Of Everything (Shallow End)/Above Me/Garden State Vortex/Waiting/Bird/Going, Going/Mango/Regenerate/The Deep End/Sweet Thing/Method To Mantra/Hymn For Leaving
Here we are again, folks... and let us say what a cool comeback! After the astonishing collection Magical Animals, Kill Mommy Records and Dead Bugs are proud to present "Swimmers", the brand new album. Twelve awesome tracks in a pure "Dead Bugs style", a crossroad where the finest pop meets melancholic psychaedelia and the acoustic feeling embraces poetry. "Swimmers" goes so close to perfection you'll wish some more music from Dead Bugs as soon as possible; well, we are wishing the same and preparing a big surprise for you all! Meanwhile, let this record break your heart.


Available for FREE DOWNLOAD also @:

lunedì 19 aprile 2010

KIL017 - Quint Baker - Psychic Cat'z Golden Fleece

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TRACKLIST: Touch Play On The Tape Recorder/Hand/Tree Auras/Moth Man/The Girl In The Wind/Really Hot Girl/Crying For Your Young Days/Blossom Tree
Cool crazy music for crazy people, from somewhere down in New Zealand. Here is our new friend Quint Baker, a real lo-fi prophet, a prolific artist who knows what he wants. And this album is an example of what Quint Baker wants: a mix of melodies, vintage sounding drum machines, electronic noises, psychedelic experiments, and a sincere, visceral love for dear, old low fidelity philosophy and attitude. Our man has taken what people usually call "pop" and has been working on it with his crazy experiments, to find his incredible homemade sound. This lo-fi doctor Frankenstein doesn't make music for masses, he plays with instruments just like a kid plays with toys. This record is full of inspiration and originality, with a psychedelic vein which makes it a perfect soundtrack for a drinkin' night... So come on, folks, let's play with Quint Baker!


Available for FREE DOWNLOAD also @:

lunedì 29 marzo 2010

KIL016 - Vaqueros Paganos - MonoCovers

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Buenos Aires, AR
TRACKLIST: Something Stupid/No Hay Sangre En Los Huesos/Brother/I Wanna Make It Witchu/Jackson
Recorded with one microphone, in one hour, "Monocovers" is a collection of excellent covers, realized at home by our new act Vaqueros Paganos, from Buenos Aires. The lo-fi sound, acoustic attitude and folk style are embellished by the irresistible contrast between the beautiful male and female vocals (the choice of classic duets as "Something Stupid" and "Jackson" was not casual). Minimal arrangements, which let vocals stand out, and homemade atmosphere may be a precept for all the musicians out there and for all our followers, then learn by Vaqueros Paganos: take a mike, a guitar and just play it loud. Album with original songs coming soon, then stay tuned!


Available for DOWNLOAD also at:

lunedì 8 marzo 2010

KIL015 - Johnny Hoodoo - At My House

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Stirling, UK
TRACKLIST: Blue Moon Of Kentucky/Bukka Train Shake/Chariot Dub/Cold In China/Heartbreak Hotel/Honky Tonk Gal/How About Me/Long Black Train/Loving Babe/Never Drive A Stranger From Your Door/Oakie Boogie/Rockin' With Johnny/Running From Dawgs/Shake Your Hips/Snake Eyed Mama/That's No Way To Get Along/Too Hot To Handle/Train Kept A Rolling/Tutti Frutti/Vestapol Messin/Woman Named Mary
After years spent playin' rockabilly and blues around with his old band, here is the awesome debut solo album by Johnny Hoodoo, a true rocker from Scotland, but with Mississippi in his veins. 21 tracks between the Delta blues and the dear, old Sun Records-style rock'n'roll! This record is going to let you shake your ass and shout it out loud, with its perfect mix of covers and original songs and with the raw sound of Johnny's dobro guitar. Don't you miss it, folks, 'cause you're gonna fall in love with this homemade rock'n'roll masterpiece at very first listening... The guy must have been growing up drinkin' Jack Daniel's and listening to Carl Perkins and Mississippi Fred McDowell 'cause, man, believe us when we say: he fuckin' got the blues! Check it out and pump the fuck up the volume, people out there!


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