martedì 10 gennaio 2012

KIL039 - Thedirtycoast - A Vast Regressive State

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New York City, US
TRACKLIST: In The Cold Air/Cruella/Bird Lives!/Ozone/The Cloud/Neurotic/Voodoo/I Take It Slow/Acidic/The Dirty Can/Synchronize
Here's our way to wish you a happy and rockin' new year, folks, and this 2012 couldn't begin better: "A Vast Regressive State" is the long-awaited comeback of Chris Weary, AKA Thedirtycoast, eclectic and brilliant songwriter from Brooklyn we first met some time ago, when we released his debut album. This sophomore record marks an evident maturation in Thedirtycoast's music, with a more complex sound, an accentuated inclination for psychedelic rock and the use of new instruments (for instance, the saxophone on "Bird Lives!"). The whole record is kinda more homogeneous than the previous one, and it's full of unforgettable, catchy songs, whose arrangement and production make "A Vast Regressive State" the definitive confirmation of an indisputable talent.

2 commenti:

  1. I just finished listening to him after a couple of times...simply AWESOME!§!

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