domenica 7 febbraio 2010

KIL013 - Stereo Moon - Like The Morning Sun Does

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Esmeralda, CAN
TRACKLIST: I Would Dream For You/Crystal Ball/Screaming For Life/Read Between The Lines/Everybody Love Someone/Happiness Was Her Name/Aphrodite/Never Thought/Grow Up/Warm Smile/Green Carpet/Mushrooms/Sunny Window/Sacred Whipping Boy/Junie Moon/In My Head/Assassin/Smoke Filled The Park/8 O'Clock/Someone New/You Know You/Used To Feel/Socket Song/Introduction To A Joon Worthy Musical Journey Through 16 Cavan Street Part 2
Psychedelic pop attack from Canada, in 24 tracks of pure lo-fi attitude. Originally self-released, in 2005, this anthology of great homemade recordings is now Stereo Moon's first release on Kill Mommy Records. Perfect melodies, dirty acoustic guitars, a soft and irresistible voice and some crude psychedelic atmospheres... this is a real lo-fi lesson. Just push play and enjoy the sound of a real lo-fi masterpiece! Somewhere between Daniel Johnston and a young Billy Corgan, but with tons of personality and fantasy. Say welcome to Stereo Moon, folks! We are anxiously waiting for some new stuff... meanwhile here is, for you all and for us, "Like The Morning Sun Does"!


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